I Design FOR YOU

In a world of selfie and egocentrism, I believe that the role of designer should be in the backstage,
to direct and lead brands to success.

I'm not an Artist.
I help your brand to express the vision through the best design products,
services, spaces, and interactive experiences that brings your vision to life.

Thanks to my omni-channel approach, you will engage your potential customers,
developing experiential design combined with innovative technology.

From vision to execution we will create together award winning strategies and product
that express your philosophy and enhance your brand perception.


 I prefer to let the people I've been working with describe what I do.

Simply one the best creative talent I met in my professional experience.
Ideas, creativity, development, result.
Whatever usually you cannot get from someone who define himself as a creative.
— Davide Rossetti - Global Sales Manager Cycling at Alpinestars
Luca is a great, practical and pragmatic, creative person. He was always able to create first class trade marketing, with the ability to stay in given strict and small budgets. Had also the ability to offer always different solutions, with skills going from in store design to packaging and graphic designs.
— Jean Luc Battaglia - Director of Country - C&A Italia and C&A Turkey
Luca hits some of the most ridiculously short deadlines I’ve ever seen, and always with the same passion and flair no matter how heavy his workload.
He is a creative in the truest sense of the word and a strong assest on any project he’s involved in.
— Tom Elders - Developer at Fathom
Always very dedicated, he had given to the brand a new contemporary image. It was easy to relay on him and it always was a pleasure to cooperate with him.
— Dietmar Faes - Owner, Platts (Europe) Ltd.
I had the pleasure of working with Luca for over a year at 55DSL.
Luca is a very creative person, hard working and he turns around projects in no time.
Has a very intuitive approach to art direction and was always able to come up with ideas in the heat of the moment.
— Kristian Kristiansen - Agency Director / Partner at Shnel & Melnychuck & Forsman & Bodenfors (SMFB)
He was able to support with precise and creative solutions and clever suggestions.
Problem solver, always focused, he is precise and creative at the same time.
— Francesca Meiners - Merchandise Manager at LIUJO
I worked with Luca on several projects at 55DSL and was always very impressed by his professionalism, insight, enthusiasm and creativity.
— Peter Bowen - Freelance Illustrator / Graphic Designer
Luca has an excellent aesthetic taste. This is combined with an interesting creative skill.
It has been good fun to see him working on different subjects.
— Enrico Zanini - C.E.O. FFI Global (former Eldo)

3 "simple"questions...


People loves story. And if you are a Brand you have a story to tell.

Is your brand telling the story through your digital and physical presence?


You started from a clear idea.

Is it still so clear for your employees and consumer?


To keep consistency across your product and your communication is vital.

Is your product "speaking" the same language of your ADV? and vice-versa?



Why Me?


Sportive and passionate for design, I partner with different brands, from sport to fashion companies developing products, brand and business strategies.

Even if graduated in Art & Design, I always thought that design cannot be detached from the market and from consumers.

Helping Brands developing design and marketing strategies was therefore a natural consequence of my professional path.